About the Host

Since 1979 Patrick Ellis has been the popular host of Gospelspirit  on WHUR-FM. Under his leadership, the show is the #1 Sunday morning show 12+ in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

GospelSpirit.com is a extension of Patrick’s radio show.

Announcements on Gospelspirit.com & WHUR-FM!

Announcements for Travelogue, Classifieds, Conferences, Concerts, Retreats, Revivals, Health Care, Special Events, Anniversaries and Reunions submitted on official letterhead from churches, fraternal, or other non-profit organizations are posted on Gospelspirit.com and aired on WHUR-FM at no charge.

To Contact GospelSpirit.com

Email: info@Gospelspirit.com
PO Box 605
Churchton, MD 20733

Classified announcements are posted on Gospelspirit.com and rotate on WHUR-FM for a period of 30 days from date of receipt. The stop date for all other announcements will depend on the date and nature of the event.